Microsoft welcomes Windows 10!

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It’s been a big week, folks! Windows 10 (yes, 10 – not 9) is now officially a reality after Monday’s Microsoft event in San Francisco where the company announced the brand new OS that will be available in 2015 with a technical preview that was released today. Whether you’re a diehard Windows 8 fan or can’t wait to download Windows 10 and forget about the old OS forever, this news is sure to bring big changes to everyone: users, developers,…

Samsung pulls European laptop business, US PC sales continue to rise, HP leads industry in Metro app usage

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Among the flurry of news surrounding the new iPhones and, of course, #bendgate, the PC industry snagged a lot of attention as well. Samsung made a big business decision to pull its laptop operations out of Europe, while US PC sales continued to make a comeback. PC apps and app stores also made headlines while the industry patiently waits to hear what’s next for Microsoft on September 30. Here are a few of this week’s highlights: Samsung pulls the plug on European…

Android One launches in India, Microsoft continues layoffs, and study shows more time spent in apps

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While Apple news may have clogged your Twitter feed this week, Google announced the first affordable Android One devices for the Indian market. Other news touched on Microsoft announcing another round of layoffs to continue it’s biggest restructuring ever, and a new study revealing that people are spending more time in apps than ever before. Check out this week’s highlights: Android smartphones for everyone! Google is making big moves toward dominating the mobile market in emerging markets with their new…

All about IDF: News, highlights and takeaways from the big event

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This week, our team hit up San Francisco to attend Intel’s flagship developer conference, IDF 2014. Among the swarms of middle aged white men awkwardly hunched over their portables on plush bean bag chairs and vintage crate coffee tables was a unshakable feeling of excitement and glee around the new technologies that were rumored to be announced. Though IDF is primarily staged as a developers conference, it’s evolved into a platform for Intel to unveil and tease new products to expect in years…

IDC predicts future of phablets, IFA conference generates buzz, Google and Apple duke it out

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News from IFA 2014 in Berlin, Europe’s largest consumer electronics show, has dominated the news cycle all week. Lenovo, Huawei and Acer, among others, announced new, affordable PCs and mobile devices, most notably some larger than life phablets. IDC also jumped in on the phablet news by releasing a forecast on the potential future for these phone / tablet hybrids while others looked at who dominates the app world. Check out the highlights from this week’s news:   Devices, devices…