Product Management: How to wear many hats to empower your team

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Juggling responsibilities

It’s no trivial task to build the largest universal app install platform on the planet.. At SweetLabs, we rely on many team members to make it happen. From designers, data scientists and engineers, to salesmen, marketers, and executives, we’re always collaborating to build the best product possible. One other mysterious group that you don’t often hear about are what we and other tech organizations call product managers (PMs). What’s so mysterious? Well, instead of managing various groups within an organization,…

Lenovo shows love for SweetLabs at Intel Capital’s Global Summit 2014

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Each year, our team heads to Intel Capital’s annual Global Summit, a three-day conference that brings together a variety of audiences and partners to discuss some of today’s challenges and opportunities in technology. From Intel employees and potential investors, to OEMs and Intel-backed startups (like us) the event was full of activity and excitement. You may have seen a variety of news articles come out of the conference, with many focused on the $62 million investment that Intel Capital put…

(Data Science) Tips and Takeaways from RecSys 2014 Conference

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At SweetLabs, we make over a million app recommendations each day, and are always interested in improving our recommendation efficacy. To get some tips and see what’s new in the industry, I headed to this year’s RecSys conference, an annual gathering of data scientists focused on all things related to recommender systems, weather it be recommending apps or articles, movies or songs. Over the five days in Foster City, I listened to talks on everything from A/B testing to deep…

Advice on advisers: What separates the great ones from the rest

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The following article was originally published by VentureBeat. First-time startup founders and entrepreneurs get their fair share of advice. While most advice can be taken with a grain of salt, I’m a huge believer in the importance and value of leaning on experienced advisers to help you build your company. After recently joining the advisory board of Mobcrush, a startup I’m stoked about, I’ve been thinking a lot about how to be a stellar adviser, drawing from my own experiences both being…

3 reasons why the app preload model is broken

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App Preload Model

These days, anyone not named Amazon, Google, or Apple is not having their piece of cake and eating it too. With average selling price of $254 for an Android smartphone and $544.30 for a Windows PC, it should come as no surprise that the hardware yields very little return for the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). Operating margins run under 5% for most smartphone makers and even less for PC makers. In order to combat those razor-thin margins and drive sales in…