1 Million Users Now Agree…Your PC Doesn’t Have to Suck!

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We are pleased to share with you that Pokki now has over 1 million monthly active users! And, we’re coming out of beta today, with a brand new version of Pokki!

Pokki has come a long way since our beta launch last summer but the goal has remained the same – offer you and the 1.3 billion other PC users a modern app experience that is as fun, convenient, and beautiful as we’ve all come to love on our smartphones and tablets.

Over a million users now use Pokki to access their favorite apps on their PCs a click away, with real-time notifications. Hundreds of developers now use Pokki to create and distribute engaging desktop apps built using web languages like HTML5.

In only 409 days, our Pokki squirrel raced into the hands of a million users (monthly active users for that matter), which we’re proud to say was faster than some of our favorites: Twitter’s bird, Evernote’s elephant, or Pinterest’s, er, “pin.”

Pokki 1 Million Monthly Active Users[credit: 6Wunderkinder, makers of one of our favorite apps Wunderlist, for inspiring this comparison]

Of course, like any other startup showing off a big number or rapid growth rate, we know we have a long way to go to keep this up and be the crazy, little San Diego startup that “reinvents the PC.”

With Windows 8 around the corner, and Microsoft set to force a touch OS onto mainstream PC users (who really want to point, click, and type), we feel it’s a more critical time than ever to prove that you can enjoy apps and a modern app experience without throwing out your monitor, keyboard, and mouse. As the PC is desperately in need of a makeover, we believe Pokki provides a bridge to users from the old world (traditional Windows desktop) to the new world (modern app expectations, raised thanks to iOS and Android). Walk across the bridge with us. No need to jump, whether “jumping” means “becoming a Mac” and learning a new OS or trying to click and type your way around Windows 8, an OS built for touch. Like this guy.

Try the new Pokki today. There are a number of changes (you can read about in more detail), which include a notification center to keep up-to-date on your favorite apps and games and apps menu to manage and organize your Pokki apps as well as discover new ones.

Download Pokki

We invite you to download the new Pokki and would love to hear your thoughts below, or on Twitter and Facebook.

Thank you all for giving Pokki a chance!

Darrius Thompson
CEO, SweetLabs (makers of Pokki)

[HUGE thanks for all your support, from the SweetLabs team!]
SweetLabs Team
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  • B. Kang

    This is an amazing accomplishment and a testament to the visionaries at Pokki.  I look forward in seeing what else Pokki can do to enhance my PC experience. 

  • HarshRao

    Congratulations team, i was early beta user. I guess need to get back to using pokki again..specially two apps Reader and wunderlist

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000298973895 محمد فاضيل


  • Nicktheandroid

    I would totally use Pokki if it had more than 1 or 2 apps that are worth it. I don’t see Google Music and other Google services that are a must. Just a recommendation.

  • Luis Manuel

    felicidades es una muy buena aplicacion  se las recomiendo cuates 

  • jocker_69

    Evernote for Pokki, where? not find it.

  • http://www.ashtricks.com/ Ashish

    Goooo Pokki 😛

  • Heidi

    Love you guys!!! Hated windows 8 until I discovered pokki. You rock!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

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  • ashkan

    pukki i love you 😀
    from iran

  • ashkan

    i love you Guy’s 😀
    pokki is new generation of start menu
    best start menu ever …
    from iran

  • http://twitter.com/MisterX48891930 Mister X

    Will be there translation for other languages?
    sooner or further?

  • Kumar Gurung

    In today’s technology this is one of the greatest app for the windows Pc.