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Windows 8 is coming. On October 26th, Microsoft will try to win back the hearts and minds of users now spending more time on their iPhones, iPads, and Android devices.   Windows 8 has the potential to change the world of computing and put Microsoft back on top, particularly as more and more devices become touch-enabled. To try to pull this off, Microsoft is introducing a touch-oriented version of Windows that is bold and innovative, yet also different and unfamiliar.

We just don’t know yet if Microsoft will be triumphant in reminding us all why Windows is *still* the dominant OS or if Windows 8 will go the route of Vista or Bob.  Only time will tell. What we do know is that in the meantime, there are 1.3 billion mainstream users who will continue to rely on their PCs daily and many might struggle with this sudden and drastic change.

Chris Pirillo’s viral video of his dad trying to use Windows 8 illustrated how tough this change might be for mainstream PC users transitioning to the new OS. In fact, we recently hit the streets with Chris to film everyday PC users trying Windows 8 out for the first time. The reactions we witnessed and captured further reinforced that there was a need for us to help, and in particular with the absence of the Start Menu.

The Start Menu? Yes, that button in the lower left-hand corner you’ve clicked on multiple times a day for the past decade to access your programs, files, folders, manage your settings, or shut down your computer. It’s one of those small things in life you probably don’t appreciate until it’s gone. Well, it’s now gone in Windows 8.

So Pokki has brought back the core Start Menu functionality in a way that you’re familiar with, but has been modernized to be easy and enjoyable to use. Today, we’ve launched Pokki for Windows 8, which includes the Pokki Menu.

The Pokki Menu now enables you to:

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If you’re on Windows 8, please download Pokki and give it a try. We hope to make your experience better by bringing back the Start Menu, along with hundreds of free apps and games built naturally for your keyboard, mouse, and PC. If you’re on Windows 7, Vista, or XP, you can also use these new features for a fun, new way to access all your stuff on your PC (just right-click on the acorn to turn on the Start Menu sidebar).

As a unique startup that loves the PC and cares deeply about making the PC experience better, we hope this new version of Pokki makes the Windows experience better, whether it’s helping to make the new Windows 8 experience easier and more fun to use or helping Windows 7, Vista, and XP users enjoy a modern app experience on their PCs.

  • Yongning Liang

    Pokki for Win8 is Awesome!

  • That Guy

    Ive been running RTM Win8 from Microsoft TechNet and have tried other “Win8 start menu” apps… Pokki is soooo much better. Mostly because it’s not just adding a Start Menu (whoopdeedoo), it adds actual (useful) functionality that I’ve taken for granted (on iPhone. Sure metro does that, but not in a way that’s intuitive enough (IMHO). The mobile space has had ALL the innovation interface-wise the last 5+ years. It’s time for Windows to step up too — and I think Pokki does exactly that. Good luck!

    • teampokki

      Thank you for the kind words and support!

  • Brian Schuchard

    love your app!!!!

  • mmunoz

    This is amazing! Great Job guys!

  • Simon

    How can you get that Start Menu in Windows 7 ? <3

    • Alan Masarsky

      Please see the response above 🙂


      First, right-click on the Pokki acorn in the lower-left corner.

      Next, click on “Settings”.

      Then, check the box “Show Start Menu sidebar”.

      Finally, click “Save”.

      Congrats, you’re done! Hope this helped!

  • Jaime Hidalgo ∞

    wow its is fantastic. Would it work on win7?

    • Alan Masarsky

      Yes, the new Start Menu functionality is available on earlier version of Windows. However, it is disabled by default. To enable the Start menu functionality, please right click on the Pokki acorn icon and select “settings”. Thanks for the support!


        Here is a more detailed instruction, in case you are like me, and the other instructions weren’t specific enough:

        First, right-click on the Pokki acorn in the lower-left corner.

        Next, click on “Settings”.

        Then, check the box “Show Start Menu sidebar”.

        Finally, click “Save”.

        Congrats, you’re done! Hope this helped!

  • Marcel Rütjerodt

    Pooki for Windows 8 is super cool. Much better then the Metro Start Screen.

  • Dhaval Katrodiya

    Feature Request : Is it possible, when i click on pokki icon it will show “All programs” by default instead of “Favorites”

    plz consider this feature request

  • Dhaval Katrodiya

    Bug Found : Top Left Corner on Windows 8 is not working while we are on Desktop

    • B.Parisius

      Right click on Pokki icon left corner downstairs ,…….tools……….Relaunch Pokki ……………….that’s all

  • Khalid Shbail

    great program, i so love it 😀
    i just hope to see more apps
    welldone guys

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  • Chris Rowles

    Freaking awesome! I ran the beta of Win8 on a virtual machine before installing and was appalled at the interface. Once I finally made it to the familiar desktop, my thought was “WTF really? No Start button….this is a huge fail.” Kudos to Pokki for being the first ones out of the gate with this fix while adding other functionality!

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  • Mikale

    Pokki is awesome! Just don’t let Microsoft acquire you and you’ll be good.

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  • Joe Blotnik

    Is Pokki compatible with the final Windows 8 version? I’ve read that MS disabled something to stop it from working with the final version. Love it!

    • Adrian

      Pokki is compatible with the final Windows 8 version.

  • ComputerPerson

    Pokki is a great enhancement to Windows 8. I am running Windows 8 Pro x64 and dual monitors. Pokki (and the notification area) do not appear on the secondary monitor. Can this be accomplished?

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  • Alexander

    Where can I download the standalone installer? I want to test it before installing, so I setup a virtual Windows 8 machine, and I am blocking network access on that image. I don’t like “downloaders”, except from Microsoft Technet.

  • Jimmy Two shoes

    I really like Pokki. I hate windows 8 though. I was wondering how to get the favorites menu apps to display more then the already given. Another couple rows would be perfect, then I could organise better. If anyone knows how it would help a lot. Other then that I love the app. Thanks.


      First open the Pokki menu by clicking on the acorn icon. All you have to do is click and hold your cursor on any app then wait a little until you are able to move the position of it, which if you’ve organized your Pokki menu before, you should already know how to do. Then drag the app to the far right and it should go onto another page, with 16 additional blank boxes. You can drop it onto one of these boxes and then once you release the cursor, you should see an arrow on the sides of the Pokki menu app selection so you can switch between pages. You can make as many additional pages as needed. Hope this helped!

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  • Lisa

    I love Pokki and having a new snazzy start button back! I just wish I could install/run it on my other user profiles. Doesn’t seem to let you have it but on one, main profile.

    • Adrian

      Pokki isn’t shared between user profiles, and it must be installed on each account.

  • Physikuss

    Yet I’m not running win8. However, this app pretty much reminds me of Android 😉

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  • dp

    Just installed Pokki, Love it!! The design is spot on! One quick addition I’d like to ask for is arrow key functionality to be able to toggle within the entire menu. Also, is there a way to maintain the Windows key function to go to the Win8 homescreen? If not, an option to do so by holding the Windows key down for 2 seconds would be pretty awesome. Either way, LOVE the look, love the feel, and it works great!

  • reginamac

    How do I switch back and forth between my desktop and windows 8 start screen after downloading Pokki? The windows button on my keyboard now opens that start menu as opposed to taking me back to the start screen. Thanks in advance for the feedback.

    • Adrian

      You can press the button in the lower left of the menu – it has the Windows symbol. Or you can turn off the Windows key opens menu functionality in Pokki’s settings panel – right click on the acorn in the taskbar and select Settings…

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